Waste Oil Containment
No installation is too big or too small
Control Panels
Ruggedized, card readers, cash. 100% customizable for your application
Bulk Fluid Handling
Cubet tanks are rated for anti-freeze and other chemicals
In-bay Service Tanks
Fluid handling for scents, soaps, degreasers and more
Custom Pipes & Hoses
Made onsite to fit your building and installations needs
Overhead Booms
Delivering soap and water without getting in the way
Pipe & Hose Routing
Overhead channels and custom formed pipes and hoses delivering fluids to wash bays
Shop Compressors
Commercial quantity and industrial quality air compressor installation with all ancilliaries
Custom Manifold
Water distribution made easy with a custom made manifold
Samson Oil Cart
Wheeled oil catch cart for ease of mobility and job efficiency
Custom Built Pump Stand
Fully enclosed rotating parts for safety, quality CAT pumps and VFD driven
Water Softening
Eliminate hard water stains and calcification with a custom water softening solution
VFD Control
Variable function device custom programmed for your application in-house. Easily calibrate motor responses
Distribution Manifolds
Custom built, individually valved and gauged for easy monitoring and calibration. For soap, scent, degreasing and other chemical needs
Air Hardlines
Quality fittings, coated steel pipes, metal ball valves for years of reliable service
Tidy Tanks
Double walled security against leaks, stainless construction and coated for superior looks and longevity
Custom Hose Reels
Overhead installation for full metered lubrication products, compressed air and anti-freeze chemicals
Remote Wash Controls
Perfect for workshops & dealerships, remote stations can be optioned without a cash function as well
In-Bay Vacuum
Centralized shop vacuum installations for carwash & service bays
Waste Water Recovery
Oil & grease skimmer and water cleaner installation, reduce waste and operating costs
Water Canon - Jet
Custom built water canon for serious cleaning potential, high PSI Jet operation
Water Canon - Spray
Custom built water canon for serious cleaning potential, high GPM spray operation
Steam Truck Unit
Built & installed at a Leduc OEM facility
EFT Solutions
Built around your needs we have integrated carwash & EFT solutions
Auto-door & Booms
Need automatic doors or boom gate installations? We have the products to make that happen
Complete Wash Bay Solutions
From the instruction board to splash curtains to the vaccum and "new car" scent, we have the solution for you
Steam Truck Burners
CSA approved, plug & play controls
Steam Truck Hose Reels
Designed and installed to match you needs
Proven Hardware
Industry proven reliability and performance with CAT pumps